Help: custom domain

Help: custom domain

How to add a custom domain name

Custom domain names require a paid premium subscription.

We don't provide a domain registration service. You'll need an already registered domain name in order to make it work with; Register your domain on GoDaddy, Namecheap or others.

Step 1: Configure your DNS

For a domain name you want to use, add a "A" record pointing to "".

You can also use "*" as a host name in order to configure all subdomains. 

Step 2: Add your domain

Custom domain names must be added to your user account. You can add multiple domain names in the "Profile settings" dialog.

We will generate a free TLS/SSH (HTTPS) certificate. This may take up to 24 hours.

From the tab bar, navigate to the "Profile settings"
Under the tab "Custom domains", add your domain names and click "Add domain"
Once the domain name is added, assign the domain name to the tab in the tab's Settings

Step 3: Assign domain to the tab

In the tab's settings, select the domain name you want to use for the tab. Publish the changes and once the certificate is generated, your tab will be accessible on your domain name.

Tip: you can also configure the "Path" (e.g. "/some-path"). If you don't specify the Path, the root ("/") will be used.