Introducing WorkTab

Innovative engagement and productivity solutions for professionals, teams, and companies.

Focusing on the work environment, WorkTab is an easy-to-implement set of tools your teammates will actually enjoy. Implemented as a "new-tab" page in their browser, it's always there when they need it.

Communicate what matters.

The new-tab page is a great place to remind your teammates of the company's mission, its core values, and long-term goals. It's a focal point for the company's internal communication, KPIs, and other metrics.

Example use cases

  • Branded new-tab in the company's image

  • Real-time dashboards and statistics

  • Private or internet-facing portals

Office Dashboards

Create branded, data-driven dashboards, real-time charts, and widgets that keep people engaged and focused on the most important goals.

Measure, improve. Iterate.

Data has become a valuable asset to many companies. And understanding data has become the key to success. Present the key metrics in an easy way, without the clutter of complex analytical tools.

Dashboard features

  • Drag-and-drop dashboard builder

  • Real-time charts and widgets

  • Connect custom APIs and services

  • Its always there when you open a new tab

Say hello to your new intranet WorkTab

You may not need intranet software after all. WorkTab brings all the benefits of intranet software, but in a clean, modern, and enjoyable package.

Benefits of WorkTab

  • Keep employees always up-to-date

  • Motivate and engage them with a clear mission and brand communication

  • Visualize and share insights and valuable metrics

  • Laser-focus on important goals

  • Collect and share important knowledge and data

Starting at $18 a month.